Promotional products are an essential tool used by every collegiate campus nationwide. We offer products perfect for recruiting, athletic events, and alumni. Whatever your goal and target audience is, we’ve got it covered. When working with colleges, one of the most crucial things is understanding the importance of logo branding guidelines. We have assembled a highly trained collegiate department to meet your needs that include:

  • Researching the hottest products that reflect your culture
  • Showing product samples
  • Working with your internal licensing department, the CLC or LRG
  • Training your incoming graduate assistants on how to become an effective buyer of promo products

Athletic Marketing

  • Athletic Events
  • Fan Giveaways
  • Suite Holder Gifts
  • Corporate Sponsor Giveaways
  • Booster Clubs
  • Tailgating Giveaways

Student Recruitment

Recruit the best.

  • Admissions
  • Student Affairs
  • College Fairs
  • Orientation Gifts
  • Scholarship Banquets
  • High School Student Giveaways
  • Mailers

We’ll meet all your needs

  • Campus Life
  • Alumni
  • Student Organizations
  • MBA Programs
  • Student Activities
  • Scholar Programs

We have a history of satisfied collegiate clients:

We are best utilized as an extension of your department. Involve us early in the project timeline doing the research and quoting for you. Contact us to set up a meeting to explore the possibilities of working together.