Give your customers and your employees something that makes them want to tell everybody about you. Choose the “swag” that will represent your company well. Give them something that tells your story in a way that engages them and makes them happy. Proforma Irvine Group can integrate your branded merchandise and printed materials to create a custom marketing program that will help you achieve your goals.

Branded merchandise can help build your business through a number of innovative marketing programs including:

  • Online Promotional Programs
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Corporate and executive gifts
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Green/eco-friendly awareness
  • Sales aids/leave-behinds
  • Product launches
  • Event/program kick-offs
  • Recognition and incentive programs
  • Recruiting programs
  • Tradeshow and event programs
  • Workplace safety programs

Proforma Irvine Group gives you access to thousands of promotional products from our top manufactures. You don’t have to go cheap to be frugal with your budget. There is a branded product out there for your specific needs. Proforma Irvine Group finds that “needle in a haystack” for your purpose, within your budget to get you the best ROI. Proforma Irvine Group offers you a number of services and online solution programs to help tell your story, manage your brand and engage your customer. Click here to take to our Idea Search Engine.

Overseas Production

Need a custom product from overseas, no problem. We have sources around the globe. Just let us help you find the product you need and we will find the right source.
When you engage Proforma Irvine Group, you engage literally hundreds of suppliers and solutions that you would otherwise not have time to research and qualify. We are your full service marketing resource. We are your ONE SOURCE with INFINITE RESOURCES.

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